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EXPERIENCE BWITI - Renascence of the Healed


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EXPERIENCE BWITI – Renascence of the Healed is a 40 minute immersion into the depths of the traditional Bwiti healing ritual of the Mabangi women’s rite: an intense but beautiful encounter of 5 days in which the entire community joins forces to support the Banzi, the initiate, to die and visit the realm of the ancestors, and be reborn and re-integrated into the community.

Experience Bwiti gives a unique insight into this incredible process through the ‘insider’ voice over written by the German Medical Doctor Uwe Maas and his wife and family therapist Süster Strubelt, both initiated in the village of Mitoné where the film was recorded and experts in the Bwiti ritual and its complex music.

This film is dedicated to the conservation of the traditional Bwiti practice and botanical resources that are endangered because of illegal export. The profits of the sales of this DVD will be destined to projects related to the sustainability and protection of the Bwiti culture.

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40 minutes
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NTSC – all regions